Personalised Wooden Chopsticks


Lead Time: 1-2 weeks

2-3 working days (Singapore)
1-2 weeks (Other Countries)

Personalise your own chopstick or for your family!
Something short, sweet and maybe cute!
Any font is fine, as long as you can find the name of the font for us to download.

*NOTE that the type of wooden chopsticks varies, as we will source of the chopsticks upon the confirmation of your order, hence we will get whatever that is the closest or similar based on the availability during the period of order.

Lead Time: 1-2 weeks

• 2-3 days (Singapore)
• 1-2 weeks (Other Countries)

Terms and Conditions:
1. Pictures provided are only for illustration purposes. You can expect a very similar outlook but not an exact replication of what you see.
2. All wood comes in it’s own unique look. Hence, the look of the case will vary.
3. Color of wood on image might not be the same as the physical item due to different lightings and monitor settings.


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