Abstract’s c•ontactless wooden business cards are embedded with Near Field Communication (NFC) which allows you to share your contact details directly into your client’s mobile devices phone book, or even share a website link with just a tap.

Near Field Communication (NFC) has become a more common term in the payments industry over the last few years because it’s the technology behind mobile payments. So if you have used any form of card payment or mobile payment before, you have used an NFC before. Just tap and go – it is just that simple!

You will be given lifetime access to our C•NTACTLESS portal to program your own set of actions you want your card to execute when your business card is being tapped.

Your card will be able to:

  • Share your contact details directly to your client’s mobile devices contact book via vCard
  • Share any website link (i.e. Website, Landing Page, WhatsApp, Telegram, Social Media Profile, etc…)

You should tap your card at the back of a mobile phone, in most cases here are where the NFC sensors are placed in your phones:

  • iPhones – Top of the phone beside the camera.
  • Androids / Windows – Top / Middle of the phone. (Varies from model to model)

It is very simple! All you have to do is:

  • Select your preferred wood type & proceed to make payment.
  • Reach out to us via our live chat and submit your design requirements.
  • We will send you a design draft for your confirmation before sending it for engraving.
  • Within 1-2 weeks, we will engrave and prepare your order for delivery.

Steps for registration:

  • Once you have received your card, tap it on your mobile device and it will automatically bring you to a registration page.
    (For those non-NFC enabled (older) smartphones, scan the QR code at the back of the card and the process will be the same)
  • Complete the registration process or log in if you already have an account with us.
  • When your registration is completed, proceed to set up your Contact Info / Social links and link it to your card.
  • Once you have done your setup, your card is ready to be shared with the world!

You may engrave anything you want on the card, but our recommendation would be to engrave just the name & logo/icon to portray a more sleek and professional image.

We also do not recommend engraving any details that are changeable such as Email, Phone Number, Address, etc… you may store all this information in the card, and it will be shared when being tapped on.

Nope, we do not need any of this information as you will be adding them through the C•NTACTLESS portal after activating the card.

The dimension of the card is: 8.5cm x 5.3cm

Lead Time: 1-2 weeks


  • 2-3 working days (Singapore)
  • 1-2 weeks (Other Countries)

Yes, do contact us and we will arrange a session to customize a corporate plan for you.

All C•ntactless Business Card (NFC chip only) comes with a 6 months warranty, under these circumstances:

  1. Unable to scan NFC on multiple devices
  2. Did not come in contact with water.
  3. Not physically damaged
We do not cover the card in our warranty if the card is physically damaged in any way.
Our card has been through a stress test (sitting on it, sitting on it while it is in a wallet, bend test, etc…) to ensure that it survives hash environment, but we will still recommend that you take extra care of the card as too much pressure might cause the card to bend over time. The card will still work if it’s bent, but it will not look as professional if you are presenting it to a friend / customer.

Have more questions?

Feel free to check our our live chat for more FAQs and contact our live chat agent if you cannot find your answers.
You may also reach out to us via social media, or email, and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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